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The Structure of your Therapy

Your therapy begins with an assessment interview, during which Dr. Lam will gather information such as past history, family background in order to understand your concerns and counselling goals. The assessment interview may take 60-90 minutes.

A typical therapy session lasts 55 minutes. Most clients prefer to meet weekly so that they have adequate time to process their counselling experience between sessions. However, the frequency and length of your therapy varies depending on your concerns, your goals, and the situation. Dr. Lam will work with you to set a structure that meets your needs.

Many people find some immediate relief within the first few sessions of therapy. It is your right to end your treatment when you choose. However, it is important to discuss your intention with Dr. Lam; whether it is because you feel your issues have been resolved or you are frustrated with the progress of therapy.

Dr. Lam is open to discuss your frustration with you. Often, major therapeutic progress is made after the discussion takes place. An informed referral to another professional could also be the result of the discussion.

For those who seek substantial symptoms reduction or behavioural changes, several months of therapy can offer satisfying results. If your issues have been affecting you for a long time or you prefer making a significant personality change, more time is required. There are also people who choose to see their therapists on a long-term base for their life long personal growth.

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